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General sale terms

General terms of sale

Engagement :

The sale is effective as soon as your order is received.


Products :

The original parts sold are in conformation with french regulations and laws and with the norms in the force standards applicable in France and European Union. 

A certain number of Parts of high performance and tuning cannot be set up in running vehicles before a new approval by the concerned authorities of these modifications and before giving the information to your insurance company.

All the products proposed by RBM performance are generally available. The list of products and their prices on RBM are valid during the duration of their presence on the site but of course within the limits of stock availability. Information concerning the availability of the parts are given by our providers, errors or last modifications are not of our fact and consequently cannot engage our liability. All modifications on a vehicle intended for road use is prohibited in France or must be approved. RBM Performance and its manager can not be held responsible for the consequences of driving an unlicensed vehicle on the French or foreign road network, whether public or private.

All products offered by RBM performance are in principle available. The product offer and the prices displayed on RBM are valid throughout the duration of posting on the site, while stocks last. Information on availability directly from our suppliers, errors or exceptional changes are beyond our control and can not engage our responsibility.

Although we attach particular care to this aspect, the photographs texts, graphics, information and reproduced characteristics illustrating the products are given as an indication and do not enter the contractual field. If errors or omissions are introduced or if the characteristics of the products are modified by the suppliers, the responsibility of RBM Performance and its manager can not be engaged.

Products sold by RBM Performance can only be assembled by a competent person and under his sole responsibility. RBM performance can in no way be held responsible for the consequences of improper assembly or the use of an unsuitable product on a vehicle.


Prices :

Our prices correspond to the tariff in force on the day of the sale.

The prices of our products are expressed in Euros, all taxes included, excluding participation in the shipping costs invoiced in addition. The prices displayed on RBM are valid for the entire duration of display on the site. We reserve the right to change prices at any time but the products will be billed based on the rates in effect at the time of registration of the order.

All requests for changes to validated and paid orders entail administrative costs of € 5. If the order is already invoiced and processed, then modification is impossible.


Payment and security :

We offer you four payment methods:

1) By credit card online: secured transaction with SOGENACTIF system of Société Générale.

2) By Paypal up to 400 euros (see all paypal payments are to be sent to this address:

3) By check to the mail:

a) Print your order

b) Fill in your check in Euros (€) to the order of RBM performance

c) Send your check, mentioning the number of your order on the back of the check payable to "RBM Performance", to the following address: RBM performance, 145 rue des Caboeufs, Bat B, 92230 Gennevilliers, France.

The cashing of the check is made as soon as the order is available. Bank checks must be payable by a bank domiciled in metropolitan France.

4) By bank transfer.

5) All requests for changes to validated and paid orders result in an administrative fee of € 5.

Because our business is specialised mail order business and RBM Performance does not have a customer counter, we can not accept cash payments.

Retention of title clause: Products remain the property of RBM performance until full collection.


Risks :

It is the customer 's responsibility to check the condition of the products at the time of delivery before taking possession of them. If you notice a problem on the condition of the package better refuse the package or make a reservation with the carrier at the time of delivery. All claims made while the parcel (s) has been accepted and delivered will not give rise to any compensation, the carriers' policies are strict in this respect.

RBM performance draws the attention of its friendly customers to the fact that the installation of certain "high performance" parts intended to increase power and engine torque have characteristics such as to make the vehicle so equipped circulate. prohibited on pavements open to public traffic.

We recall that according to French law, certain “high performance and tuning” parts offered by RBM performance cannot be installed on a rolling vehicle before its owner has the modifications approved by the mining service and he has warned his insurance of these same modifications



Depending on the shipping method chosen, you will be delivered in 24 hours (guaranteed by chronopost) or 48 hours (not guaranteed by coliposte), this period is expressed in working days after validation and preparation of your order.
Depending on the parts ordered, the stock and the lead time of our suppliers, the preparation time is normally 1 to 4 working days depending on the availability of the part.
In case of abnormally long supply time (more than 5 days) you will be notified by email as soon as possible.

Complaints about deliveries:

All complaints concerning the receipt of orders (broken products, quantity delivered, correspondence with the vehicle, etc.) must be made in writing by email within 7 days of the date of receipt of the order. After this time we will not be able to process your claim.


Returns :

No item will be returned, exchanged or refunded outside the legal deadline (14 days for private / private consumers only in European Union); professionals cannot return an order unless we have made a mistake (sending the wrong part: that is to say another part than the one ordered) or a part which turns out to be visually defective in this case we take charge shipping charges. Regarding refunds of orders returned in case of error by the customer including free shipping : the shipping costs incurred by the company RBM Performance will be deducted from the amount of refund of returned parts.

Specially ordered parts (out of stock) and second-hand items specially dismantled for the customer are neither taken back nor exchanged. Items returned incomplete, damaged or soiled by the Customer are not exchanged or refunded, if the refund is accepted it will occur within 30 days of receipt of the goods by our services, the shipping costs are not refunded. In addition, no return parcel will be accepted without the customer having first contacted our after-sales service by email ( to be able to obtain a number or an agreement on the return of the goods. After acceptance of the return conditions, the articles must be received within 30 days. After this deadline, the articles cannot be refunded or exchanged. The cancellation of a validated order and not yet dispatched must be made by mail within 7 days of the order date by registered letter with AR (specifying the order number) to be sent to:

RBM performance

145 rue des caboeufs




la France

Instructions for standard exchange parts not returned after 30 days from the date of receipt of orders will not be accepted.


Guarantee :

RBM performance provides a warranty for all new or used parts. Used parts benefit from a warranty not exceeding 6 months and a minimum of 3 months (depending on the parts). New parts are guaranteed for 12 to 24 months depending on the product, certain products can be guaranteed for more than 24 months. Within this period if the part has an abnormal operating defect, you will be offered free replacement of the part or a refund if we are then unable to supply the same product again within three months. In addition, the customer must first contact our after-sales service by email ( to be able to obtain a number or a warranty agreement. In no case may the cost of labor be claimed from RBM performance.

To be able to benefit from the product warranty, it is imperative to keep the invoice for the purchase of the product and to have an invoice paid for the assembly carried out by a state-certified professional and registered in the national commercial register.

The guarantees do not cover:

Replacement of consumables (bulbs, brushes, batteries, discs, filters, fuses, jaws, pads ...)

Abnormal or improper use of the products.

Defects and their consequences related to improper use of the use for which the product is intended (competition example, etc.),

Defects and their consequences related to all external causes


Warranty for DI cassettes :

To benefit from the guarantee for DI cassettes, whether original or not, the appropriate NGK brand spark plugs must be changed at the same time as the DI cassette. Otherwise the warranty can not be applied.


Guarantee coverage for engines and gearboxes :

Periods of used warranty contracts (the warranty expires as soon as one of these two limits is reached):

3 months or 3,000 kms

4 months or 4,000 km

5 months or 5000 kms

6 months or 5500 kms

1 year or 10,000 kms

Duration of warranty contracts in new or standard exchange (the guarantee expires as soon as one of these two limits is reached):

1 year or 16,000 km

2 years or 30,000 km

Buying a used engine and / or gearbox carries risks that we strive to minimize; To do this, we carry out checks on the entire chain of trust until delivery to the garage, thus ensuring full traceability of origin and quality of the products. To optimize the proper functioning of the equipment, each of the parties must undertake to respect the following rules:


RBM performance :


• Check for proper operation.

• Check the traceability in terms of the quality and provenance of the equipment.

• Check its conformity with the vehicle for which it is intended

The customer :

• Take care to transmit the conditions of guarantee to the car mechanic in charge of the assembly.

• Check the conformity of the equipment delivered with respect to said vehicle.

• Have the equipment professionally assembled by an automotive professional and provide the invoice paid in case of need or litigation.

• Carry out the oil changes according to the recommendations.

• Proceed during assembly to replacement with new parts, air and oil filters, spark plugs, necessary gaskets including head cylinders gaskets for used engines, new oil pump, new water pump.


Application modalities of the guarantee :

The warranty applies at our convenience in the following ways:

• Repair of equipment if possible (without extension of this warranty)

• Only the motor is guaranteed and in no case the possible devices delivered with the engine and that they are new or used.

• Exchange of equipment (without extension of this warranty)

• Refund of the price of the equipment in return for the delivery of it by the customer, after expertise in our workshops. Only if we are unable to exchange the material within 3 months.



There is no application of the guarantee in the following cases :

• When it comes to adjusting or simply restoring parts of equipment that has suffered normal wear and tear as a result of the mileage traveled prior to the creation of this warranty. If need be is this wear will be noted by an expert appointed by RBM performance who has the opportunity to make proceed to the expertise of the vehicle in any case it deems necessary

• Lack of conduct, misuse or negligence of the user of the vehicle,

• The use of the vehicle for motor sport competitions,

• The transformation of one or more organs of the material, the characteristics of which will no longer be identical to those fixed by the manufacturer, LPG installation, modified injectors, etc. ...

• Change of engine capacity of the vehicle without obligatory mine crossing,

• Maintenance of equipment that does not comply with the manufacturer's standards, in particular as to the method to be followed for lubricating and as to the lubricants to be used.


Posting on websites or any other media and social networks :

Users and our customers agree not to post or transmit to / on any internet site any threats, obscene or defamatory material, or other harmful material intended to violate or violate our rights or which may directly or indirectly cause us negative publicity.

Any person (s) or organization that contravenes the provisions of this clause undertakes to indemnify the Company RBM performance for all costs and losses that may arise directly or indirectly from the posting or transmission of such comments, acts etc. .., including legal fees of the Company (on a compensation basis) to remove or to deal with this posting or transmission (words, material, threats etc ...)


Payment and postponed payment :

Our articles and products are to be fully paid when ordering them, except if RBM performance accepts exceptionnal postponed payment.

In this case the articles and products of RBM performance remains the sole property of RBM performance until complete payment, price, fees and accessories included.

Any delay of payment at the term (due time) will increase the bill up to 1.5 time the legal interest rate (LAW n° 921442 of december the12th of 1992).


Agreement :

These general sale terms manage the contractual relations between RBM performance and its customer; both parties accept it without any reserve. These general sale terms will prevail upon any other written ones on any other document, except specific written acceptation by RBM performance. The present general and particular sale terms are subject to modifications whenever necessary and without previous warning. They apply to continental France (Corsica included).

We remain at your disposal to check if the parts you order are in conformation with your vehicle and to assure a purchase without surprise!

In case of dispute, the commercial court of Bastia (France) has the sole legal competence.

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